Currently, 2016 vol. 3

Tomorrow marks the semi-official second half of the semester, and after spending la Semaine Saint as an unproductive zombie noodle, my academic obligations and tasks are now revived alongside Christ. Happy Easter, indeed.

Lang Leav’s Lullabies before forcing  myself to focus on more important tasks like getting my revisions and readings done

So far, my writing muse is experiencing a major adulthood-caused drought, so nihil from the creative front for now.

Of all the music choices I have to get myself into an agreeable, acads mood, I chose AC/DC because I spent my whole break drowning myself in Civil War feels. I have no regrets (even if I don’t manage to check off something in my to-do list).

(and not looking forward to) about the impending EDSA hell tomorrow, when I go back to QC to face reality.

the aroma of pure black coffee

for the spirit of productivity to fall upon me. But mostly, for world peace (both in real life and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lol)

that I don’t get distracted so much by my vices (anime, Marvel, and Tumblr) and by men’s pretty. I need to get my daily life groove back

pretty much coffee and watercoloring, how ever random that combination is (P.S. not paired together for consumption)

Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighborhood album ! ! ! I heard there are free posters when you buy the physical album from certain Astroplus branches, and the one from SM The Block is included yassss s ss s

more self-discipline and workout (yeesshh couch potato week), more self-time dedicated to helping my inner self to unwind

longing for time in my daily life to be set aside solely for pursuits of the soul, like poetry and literature and art


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