Currently, 2016 vol. 2

What’s up, fam? I haven’t been updating for quite a while now–believe me, I wanted to! And I really had legitimate things to write about, and I already had half-baked drafts resting in my laptop but academic life was really getting in the way.

You’ll be surprised to hear (read) that I was busy with my social life as well.

S U R P R I S E,   S U R P R I S E!!!

Ergo, I was unable to put aside time to nurture this blog and input some more of my silly thoughts and commentary. The lack of motivation was also a challenge–I have my ideas but the will to actually do it just isn’t there. But I’m free-ish now and I am so happy because the past few weeks had been hectic even with my fifteen units, and I reeeaaaally needed a break from that kind of toxic life. *sigh*

Real life has been getting more and more annoying because it’s the election campaign period now, and as a political science minor, issues about the candidates and other politics-related shit have been up my ass for a while now. Somehow the world went from cute to really ugly and depressing quick.


I like to think that this is me maturing as a student–at least, I’d like to think so??? I have my life’s updates here, though, so enough with the heavy stuff first and here ya go!



Sadly, no time for leisure reading yet 😦 But I did buy new books!! last week from the popup book sale booth at UP. I finally have a copy of “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” and a vampire-themed novel which I forgot the title lol but I think it’s by Anne Rice??? I really do hope I get the chance to read them soon, but for now, it’s the 1987 Constitution and some political science articles. They’re very tiring to read and comprehend, but I’m really happy with what I’m doing (reading, studying) right now.


I am more inspired these days to write on my journal and decorate it aesthetically yasssss!!! But I’m also currently writing a small potato rant about my love for my country lol because life here is becoming a bit negative for me, so I had to reaffirm to myself this. More about this later!


I’m not on it yet, but if I manage to clean off a good chunk of my school-related to-do list, I might catch up on the Haikyuu!! episodes I missed haha! Karasuno and Aoba Johsai are about to face off soon–or at least, in the latest episode that I wanted (lol).


Ariana Grande’s new single, Dangerous Woman! Damn woman, big improvement from Focus! This is definitely my week’s jam!


About what tasks I’m going to write down in my bullet journal–and now that I’m on that topic, I should really remember to write about my bullet journal experience and style soon!!!!


A little too sleepyyyyyy… The past few weeks had left me always falling asleep in every free time I get, whether it’s a 3-hour break in between my morning and afternoon classes or a few hours of nap after my last class. It’s starting to become a problem with my fucked up sleeping habits 😦


How I spent yesterday!!!!! I brought some of my highschool barkada to my childhood home near Tagaytay, and we had a boodle fight type of late lunch/early dinner, drank a little for fun, before they had to go home. My best friend and I, since we were the only ones who could sleep overnight there, were able to have a nice heart-to-heart talk which we haven’t been able to do for quite some time now.

I admit that I’m really bad at organizing events like get togethers, so some of my friends weren’t able to come but I think we really enjoyed getting to take some time off and just chill somewhere not-urban. And my childhood home is really the perfect place for that, so I hope I get to have more chances to bring my friends over. 🙂 ❤


How I’m going to maximize the remaining part of my weekend to kickstart the acads process 😦 😦 😦 Just because I don’t have exams anymore next week doesn’t mean I get to slack off!


I’ll be updating my backlog list and post some soon (I hope!!), so toodles for now!!! ❤


[Mixtape] S.E.O.U.L.ful

BEAST // 12시 30분 [12:30]

2NE1 // 아파 (Slow) [It Hurts (Slow)]

2NE1 // Missing You

2NE1 // If I Were You

빅뱅 (Big Bang) // Haru Haru [Day by Day]

빅뱅 (Big Bang) // LOSER

WINNER (Taehyun) // I’m Young

Epik High // Spoiler

BTS // Let Me Know

Taeyang // Wedding Dress

B.A.P // Rain Sound

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Currently, 2016 vol. 1

Hello, wassup, 1 2 3 check, test.

Hello from the blazing hot Diliman campus! ❤ I’m back at QC since yesterday because registration and enrollment starts today, although mine won’t start until tomorrow. But my sister, since she’s a freshman, started the grueling task of enrolling for this semester this morning.

She’s been having a hard time because she initially got 13 units, and she’s supposed to have at least 16 or 17 units before she can enroll, but she has her freshie priority and stuff so I still consider that as pretty lucky.

(Although, in my previous semesters with incomplete initial units, I never really relied much on lining up to get a slot in a class because they’re time-consuming and to be honest, a complete waste of time for everybody.)

Starting tomorrow, slots in every class are going to be free-for-all (except for the graduating students, because they have automatic priority). Seeing that I am still stuck with just 9 units, I have to work hard and work early tomorrow–I lucked out this time because all I need to add now are just my majors and a minor. Although, “luck” is pretty relative when it comes to UP’s volatile enlistment process because you can never be too “lucky” as long as you still haven’t locked in your acquired subjects.

Personally, I could never let myself chill every registration period until I already have my tuition surrendered to our university cashier.

The extra week that UP students had after the holidays passed by quickly and now I’m back here in the metro /cries/. The only upside is that there are more places to hang out in–Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Katipunan, SM North or Trinoma–and my restless feet could stretch out and go around.

I’m going to be pretty busy starting tomorrow, but right now I’m free as a bird so I thought I could drop by and post this.

Here goes~

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At the Precipice

Some people believe that a new day hasn’t started yet as long as they haven’t slept a wink–time and numbers be damned.

Let me join the bandwagon for tonight(?) and declare that until I post this, it’s still New Year’s Eve in this blog.

This is it.

The precipice.

I am [figuratively] standing at the edge of a chasm, and it’s so deep that I can’t see anything below. I can’t see if there’s a bottom at all; and if there is, I can’t see how far it is.

I am at the precipice, ready to tip over from the edge of 2015 and into the brave, free fall towards 2016.

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At this Point (009)

Post-Christmas and I could already feel all the calories I need to lose before the next semester starts.

(Gah, my skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore!)

Even so, I’d like to greet everyone a merry holiday! YAY CONFETTI!!!

I had a great Christmas this year, although my left Dad for China yesterday. It was a quiet affair for me and my extended family on my father’s side, and I spent it bonding with my cousins and catching up with my aunts and uncles.

I’m glad Family-Gathering-FAQ #2–a.k.a “Kailan ka gagraduate?” (“When are you graduating?”)–did not pop up because I honestly would have just smiled at my relatives and waved goodbye. Although it’s not a touchy subject, I really don’t want to discuss it much because I don’t want to think about the  l e n g t h  of the time I still have to go through before I finally get to wear a sablay.

Unfortunately, FAQ #1–“May boyfriend ka na ba?” (“Do you have a boyfriend already?”)–is still relentless in maintaining its number one spot as the most asked and most embarrassing question asked by my relatives every family gathering. A lot of my aunts and uncles have been speculating that said Boyfriend already exists, and that I’m just being secretive about it, but as I always say,

“If I do have a boyfriend already, I would never keep it a secret; I’d practically gloat to the whole family.”

But alas, there really is no Boyfriend to gloat about and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Having a romantic partner isn’t just part of my plan at this moment, although it would be nice to feel kilig and be taken care of once in a while. But I believe that a romantic partner is not some requirement that people have to achieve to reassert their identity as a person and to succeed in life, so boo.

Anyways! This was supposed to be a quick update while I’m in the middle of planning out the next few posts I wanna write–progress is nay in that department, though. LOL. Here’s this week’s At this Point!

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At this Point (008)

Guess who’s finally free from acads?

Moi, bien sûr!

Ahh, don’t you just love that liberating feeling when you submit that last hustle of academic paper, or when you dot the last “i” on your final exam. Or when you deliver that final report you slaved over all night.

Don’t you just love the feeling of lying down on your bed without any trace of fear, without worrying that when you blink for longer than a nanosecond, the whole night will pass by and the sun will show up?

Because I do.

I’ve finally submitted that Lingg paper I had to re-do, submitted that last tricky Latin text translation, took my final exam in French.

Friday was my last acads day for this semester and I’ve been lazing around since then.

My sister Odette and I did our Christmas shopping last Friday, braving the commute to QC to shop at TriNoMa. There weren’t really a lot of people if I remember it correctly, which was an immense relief; I was afraid that the Christmas crowd has already caught up because my break was delayed by the heap of schoolwork I had to finish.

Anyway, I’ve thought more about how to operate this blog, and I decided that my At this Point entries should probably indicate last week-this week time frames. So I’ll be doing that now.

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At this Point (007)

Sunday, funday–not.

I haven’t abandoned the idea and conception and completion of this blog; in fact, I do have a lot of ideas at the moment on the areas to improve, categories to add and expand, and of course, layout and design.

To be quite honest, when I created this blog last February, I was just at the stage of “dreaming and planning in bulk”–meaning, I had a lot of plans in mind that I wanted to accomplish but they weren’t really well-thought out. This blog was one of them. The old title was just something I came up with on the spot, and the At this Point segment was just something I wanted as a regular thing so I’d have something to post when my writing muse is away on vacation.

After almost a year, though, I feel like I’m ready to bring more to this blog–I feel like I’ve lived more when I got accepted to EL, I feel like I’ve learned a lot this semester and I feel like I’ve had more time to research and figure out how I wanted to run this blog. I’ve already commissioned my best friend’s help with anything web-related (she’s a ComSci student in UPLB) because let’s face it–I am completely hopeless about web design and coding. I’ve always known that since my second year in high school.

Nothing’s final yet, but I have a couple of nice write-ups in my backlog that I’m really proud of, and I want to share it to a larger audience but I’m not putting it up yet until I’m done reconstructing this blog.

Even with the impending blog reconstruction, I still want to be more active here, so I decided on two things:

  1. Given how sporadic my At this Point posts are, I have challenged myself to ~regularly~ update every Sunday
  2. Take more photos of my daily life!!! Gah, this is something that I recently just realized–I don’t take enough photos. I really want to take up photography but I hardly take photos: How does that even work? I know that the idea of a personal DSLR is still quite far, but even so, I could still work with cheap smartphone cameras, right??? So yes, more photos.

And in retaliation to my self challenge, here is this Sunday’s At this Point.


A journal article about multilingualism and language acquisition. You might wonder why I’m reading an academic paper on a Sunday night, at the cusp of the December holidays.

The reason for this: my final paper in Lingg 1.

I have to re-do it. And it sucks. I already finished it last week–deadline’s this Friday–but I used the wrong material for my critical essay, so now I have to find another journal article, read and understand it, analyze it, and critique it. And I hate it because I still have a Latin text to translate and another exam to prepare for. 😦

I thought of a really nice write-up topic while showering, and after this post I might start on it. It won’t be posted soon because I’d rather share it after the revamp. I also started this little plot bunny playing inside my head for quite a long time now. It’s just a little exploration because honestly, I miss fiction writing. I sucked big time when I was younger, but I managed to write ten thousand words in just a week back then–nowadays, I could barely scrape up a decent thousand it one sitting. It’s a little saddening, tbh.

TROYE SIVAN x HALSEY oh my gosh I haven’t gushed over the two of them properly!!! Seriously though–I’m in love with their music. I wanna marry their music. They’re both recent discoveries, and an entirely different thing from Kpop.

Don’t get me wrong–I still listen to my faves once in a while, and Leo from VIXX still makes me lose my breath with his body waves (wait, I’m so eww haha!) but Kpop isn’t doing it for me these days.

The flame has been reignited with a gift from The Baddest Female, CL–check this out!!! She has certainly outdone herself and I’m so proud! ❤ ❤ ❤



About Tyler Hoechlin ❤ ❤ ❤  He’s my ultimate crush these days–UNFFF THAT STUBBLE. Recently, I stumbled over the fandom of Teen Wolf and although I really don’t have the patience to watch TV series, I still liked the characters of Stiles and Derek Hale. It’s too bad that Hoechlin isn’t in the show anymore because TW feels incomplete without the trademark Derek Hale angst (and Hoechlin’s hot hot stubble <3).

Definitely not the Christmas cheer. I wonder if it’s an ~adult~ thing, to feel less and less of the Christmas hype, or if it’s a too-stressed-with-acads-to-bother university student thing. As a consolation, Dad already graced us with our allotted Christmas budget and my sister and I are excited for some retail shopping therapy–it’s like the only thing that could de-stress us now (aside from pigging out).

How this semester went. ❤ Although there were situations that I could have handled better, i.e. another attempt at applying for an org, I’m still happy with how I handled (and survived) this sem. I feel significantly lighter as a person, happier and more content with my life. Shifting to EL and the Studyblr community in Tumblr have both been positive influences to my outlook in life this year.

To start my new art/poetry/travel journal–soon! I recently bought notebooks last week, and they’re nice enough although I made the hasty decision of buying them without planning on how I would tackle my art/poetry/travel journal with ruled lines instead of a blank page. But the cover’s really nice, and although I read a lot of positive reviews about Moleskine for journaling, I still feel a bit guilty of the idea of spending that much for a journal.

For more forthcoming ideas about how I could improve my 2016! I’m also starting to list down my goals for 2016. I accomplished a lot from my 2015 list, and I’m so kilig that I actually managed to do so.