How did this blog start?

I’ve always wanted to put up my own blog ever since I got acquainted well-enough with the Internet, and I actually did. I’ve plowed enough through silly Tumblr URLs to last me a lifetime, and I never managed to make them turn up the way I imagined my blog will be.

I guess part of the reason is my tendency to be disorganized about almost everything in my life, and my hit-or-miss approach in the things I do.

Two weeks before 2015 started, I decided that this year will be different. I wated this year to be different. So I said, “This year, I will be more organized and I will put more plans into action rather than let them stay and rot as mere plans.” I earned my first (and definitely my last–because holy wow I was totally wasting money when I started collecting stickers for this) Starbucks planner as a fulfillment of a line in my bucket list. I spent a lot of nights sitting down and actually setting goals.

I just felt like 2015 is going to be a promising year for me, and I felt determined to make it a promising year.

A part of how I imagined my 2015 will be involved blogging.  Actually blogging. For me, there’s this difference between blogging and reblogging. Most of my endeavors at creating Tumblr blogs ended up being saturated with reblogs with few to almost-nothing original posts, and while reblogging is fun and all, I longed for a blog dominated by my original personality. Perhaps the reason why I’ve always put off the “actual blogging” plan is because I felt that I hardly have anything interesting in my life to be “original” but interesting blog posts.

My determination to change for the better in 2015 led me to Arabesque & Supernova.

I wanted to set this up as early as January because January is the first month, the month of beginnings, but I was so busy and I wasn’t prepared enough (in my opinion). January was supposed to be the beginning of my metamorphosis of sorts, but I got overwhelmed by the things I wanted to do; I didn’t know where to start, which tool to pick up first. The year has just started but the fact remains that it’s already 2015–I had to get some things done.

Eventually after finishing up the more important things to consider, I finally found the time to transform my “I want to” to “I’m going to”.

By then it was already February.

I didn’t want to half-ass everything, and WordPress was kind of difficult for me to tame (and understand). I’ve always been the chronic user of “fancy words” and I couldn’t just settle for lame substitute titles. I had to do some planning, and planning was never my forte.


Writing this makes me feel giddy and excited about how I will run this blog. There are still glitches and things I haven’t figured out yet, but I could already feel the sense of accomplishment and excitement for all the things I will be able to create and share. I still have a lot to proofread, a lot to improve on and develop.

But 2015 is a promising year and to the years about to come, this as the origin already looks like a bright and exciting future.

Here is to the official start of my A&S, my Arabesque & Supernova: one pirouette and an explosion of infinity.



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