« Martine »

Hello 2017~

I got my new baby last weekend! ❤ And by “baby”, I meant that I ~officially~ have a camera now–a camera that I decided to call Martina, or « Martine » (avec l’accent français) for short. Or Marty, if I’m feeling ehh.

The camera that I used while I was applying in my photography org last semester was a loan from my dad’s friend, who really wanted to sell it to me but I thought I’d be better off with a relatively newer model. Thanks to my cousin in Singapore, I now have Martine! ❤

I know that I left this blog as semi-abandoned for half a year–previous post doesn’t count because it’s a backup post lol–but I have something to share and some vague plans to go along with it. I got inspired when I was post-processing the photos I took the day I got Martine, which was last Saturday, when my parents and my littlest sis dropped by UP. I hope I get more motivated (and more disciplined!) to continue curating this blog this year.

Anyway, the following are just some test photos that I took, and a little peek into my daily life, I guess.

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