At this Point (009)

Post-Christmas and I could already feel all the calories I need to lose before the next semester starts.

(Gah, my skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore!)

Even so, I’d like to greet everyone a merry holiday! YAY CONFETTI!!!

I had a great Christmas this year, although my left Dad for China yesterday. It was a quiet affair for me and my extended family on my father’s side, and I spent it bonding with my cousins and catching up with my aunts and uncles.

I’m glad Family-Gathering-FAQ #2–a.k.a “Kailan ka gagraduate?” (“When are you graduating?”)–did not pop up because I honestly would have just smiled at my relatives and waved goodbye. Although it’s not a touchy subject, I really don’t want to discuss it much because I don’t want to think about the  l e n g t h  of the time I still have to go through before I finally get to wear a sablay.

Unfortunately, FAQ #1–“May boyfriend ka na ba?” (“Do you have a boyfriend already?”)–is still relentless in maintaining its number one spot as the most asked and most embarrassing question asked by my relatives every family gathering. A lot of my aunts and uncles have been speculating that said Boyfriend already exists, and that I’m just being secretive about it, but as I always say,

“If I do have a boyfriend already, I would never keep it a secret; I’d practically gloat to the whole family.”

But alas, there really is no Boyfriend to gloat about and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Having a romantic partner isn’t just part of my plan at this moment, although it would be nice to feel kilig and be taken care of once in a while. But I believe that a romantic partner is not some requirement that people have to achieve to reassert their identity as a person and to succeed in life, so boo.

Anyways! This was supposed to be a quick update while I’m in the middle of planning out the next few posts I wanna write–progress is nay in that department, though. LOL. Here’s this week’s At this Point!

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At this Point (008)

Guess who’s finally free from acads?

Moi, bien sûr!

Ahh, don’t you just love that liberating feeling when you submit that last hustle of academic paper, or when you dot the last “i” on your final exam. Or when you deliver that final report you slaved over all night.

Don’t you just love the feeling of lying down on your bed without any trace of fear, without worrying that when you blink for longer than a nanosecond, the whole night will pass by and the sun will show up?

Because I do.

I’ve finally submitted that Lingg paper I had to re-do, submitted that last tricky Latin text translation, took my final exam in French.

Friday was my last acads day for this semester and I’ve been lazing around since then.

My sister Odette and I did our Christmas shopping last Friday, braving the commute to QC to shop at TriNoMa. There weren’t really a lot of people if I remember it correctly, which was an immense relief; I was afraid that the Christmas crowd has already caught up because my break was delayed by the heap of schoolwork I had to finish.

Anyway, I’ve thought more about how to operate this blog, and I decided that my At this Point entries should probably indicate last week-this week time frames. So I’ll be doing that now.

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At this Point (007)

Sunday, funday–not.

I haven’t abandoned the idea and conception and completion of this blog; in fact, I do have a lot of ideas at the moment on the areas to improve, categories to add and expand, and of course, layout and design.

To be quite honest, when I created this blog last February, I was just at the stage of “dreaming and planning in bulk”–meaning, I had a lot of plans in mind that I wanted to accomplish but they weren’t really well-thought out. This blog was one of them. The old title was just something I came up with on the spot, and the At this Point segment was just something I wanted as a regular thing so I’d have something to post when my writing muse is away on vacation.

After almost a year, though, I feel like I’m ready to bring more to this blog–I feel like I’ve lived more when I got accepted to EL, I feel like I’ve learned a lot this semester and I feel like I’ve had more time to research and figure out how I wanted to run this blog. I’ve already commissioned my best friend’s help with anything web-related (she’s a ComSci student in UPLB) because let’s face it–I am completely hopeless about web design and coding. I’ve always known that since my second year in high school.

Nothing’s final yet, but I have a couple of nice write-ups in my backlog that I’m really proud of, and I want to share it to a larger audience but I’m not putting it up yet until I’m done reconstructing this blog.

Even with the impending blog reconstruction, I still want to be more active here, so I decided on two things:

  1. Given how sporadic my At this Point posts are, I have challenged myself to ~regularly~ update every Sunday
  2. Take more photos of my daily life!!! Gah, this is something that I recently just realized–I don’t take enough photos. I really want to take up photography but I hardly take photos: How does that even work? I know that the idea of a personal DSLR is still quite far, but even so, I could still work with cheap smartphone cameras, right??? So yes, more photos.

And in retaliation to my self challenge, here is this Sunday’s At this Point.


A journal article about multilingualism and language acquisition. You might wonder why I’m reading an academic paper on a Sunday night, at the cusp of the December holidays.

The reason for this: my final paper in Lingg 1.

I have to re-do it. And it sucks. I already finished it last week–deadline’s this Friday–but I used the wrong material for my critical essay, so now I have to find another journal article, read and understand it, analyze it, and critique it. And I hate it because I still have a Latin text to translate and another exam to prepare for. 😦

I thought of a really nice write-up topic while showering, and after this post I might start on it. It won’t be posted soon because I’d rather share it after the revamp. I also started this little plot bunny playing inside my head for quite a long time now. It’s just a little exploration because honestly, I miss fiction writing. I sucked big time when I was younger, but I managed to write ten thousand words in just a week back then–nowadays, I could barely scrape up a decent thousand it one sitting. It’s a little saddening, tbh.

TROYE SIVAN x HALSEY oh my gosh I haven’t gushed over the two of them properly!!! Seriously though–I’m in love with their music. I wanna marry their music. They’re both recent discoveries, and an entirely different thing from Kpop.

Don’t get me wrong–I still listen to my faves once in a while, and Leo from VIXX still makes me lose my breath with his body waves (wait, I’m so eww haha!) but Kpop isn’t doing it for me these days.

The flame has been reignited with a gift from The Baddest Female, CL–check this out!!! She has certainly outdone herself and I’m so proud! ❤ ❤ ❤



About Tyler Hoechlin ❤ ❤ ❤  He’s my ultimate crush these days–UNFFF THAT STUBBLE. Recently, I stumbled over the fandom of Teen Wolf and although I really don’t have the patience to watch TV series, I still liked the characters of Stiles and Derek Hale. It’s too bad that Hoechlin isn’t in the show anymore because TW feels incomplete without the trademark Derek Hale angst (and Hoechlin’s hot hot stubble <3).

Definitely not the Christmas cheer. I wonder if it’s an ~adult~ thing, to feel less and less of the Christmas hype, or if it’s a too-stressed-with-acads-to-bother university student thing. As a consolation, Dad already graced us with our allotted Christmas budget and my sister and I are excited for some retail shopping therapy–it’s like the only thing that could de-stress us now (aside from pigging out).

How this semester went. ❤ Although there were situations that I could have handled better, i.e. another attempt at applying for an org, I’m still happy with how I handled (and survived) this sem. I feel significantly lighter as a person, happier and more content with my life. Shifting to EL and the Studyblr community in Tumblr have both been positive influences to my outlook in life this year.

To start my new art/poetry/travel journal–soon! I recently bought notebooks last week, and they’re nice enough although I made the hasty decision of buying them without planning on how I would tackle my art/poetry/travel journal with ruled lines instead of a blank page. But the cover’s really nice, and although I read a lot of positive reviews about Moleskine for journaling, I still feel a bit guilty of the idea of spending that much for a journal.

For more forthcoming ideas about how I could improve my 2016! I’m also starting to list down my goals for 2016. I accomplished a lot from my 2015 list, and I’m so kilig that I actually managed to do so.

At this Point (005)

My lovely readers, hello again. ❤

It is time for my still-inconsistent At this Point, and I’m writing this while I’m tuned in to UP Diliman’s #USCGA regarding another fraternity “war” involving students from the campus. I feel a lot of things because of this issue, especially since it’s my campus; might as well write now while my thoughts are still alive, fueled by this issue.

I’m not qualified to make assumptions about this, since 1) I do not know the full details about the attack other than what I watched from the evening news and what I read in the Internet; and 2) I am not closely involved with anyone who has an “insider” view about the matter, i.e. anyone who’s involved or deeply invested with the university-wide politics, to form enough concrete and definite opinions about the matter.

The fact that there is a general assembly to discuss and investigate this matter is probably what I can dabble on. The fact that this act, supposed to be exclusive to simpletons who don’t know better, is still happening feels like a failure in itself. Failure of whom or what, I really don’t want to know anymore. But as a fellow student, I feel more than a twinge of that failure. I hope those who should be entirely responsible about this feel something at all. And I hope they don’t just feel; I hope they put into motion the right course of actions in response to this. Just last year, we also had a fraternity-related headliner about hazing. The years before that had similar occurrences.

Our university boasts of academic excellence but underneath that is twisted politics, more issues reflecting the state of this country than what people realize.

In simple Tagalog context:


They’ve been at it for more or less five hours now, and they’re nowhere near to solving the real issue on hand. It feels like the “panel” have their own personal agendas separate from what the meeting was supposed to exploit.


Let’s just move on to this week’s At this Point, shall we?

Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha. I know that there are lots of criticisms about this book (and even the movie) but it used to be one of my favorite novels back when I was in high school. His attention to detail and the narrations was (at that time) superb in my gullible opinion. Now that I know better, or at least I like to think I do, I see how Golden violated the art of being a geisha by writing this novel–a discourse that has long been circulating around, so I’m not gonna expound much on this.

Although, Memoirs of a Geisha is actually the book that propelled me to the direction of reading Asian authored novels, with my English 11 class as the cement that bound me to that genre(?). I’m re-reading this book for the nth time because I was feeling nostalgic all of a sudden–that and  because I was researching and I found about Eitarou, the only remaining male geisha in Japan. There’s a lot to be discussed about him and other people’s views about how he’s practicing his art but all I can say is that it’s beautiful and captivating and I just have no words. When I read about him, especially the features of him in the process of getting ready for an engagement or entertaining in a party, I remembered my sister (the middle one) lol. It’s because she’s a Filipiniana dancer, I guess, and I saw a lot of parallels.

I don’t know if I’m qualified already to say that I’m in the process of writing my fic fest entry, but I’m confident to disclose to you that I’m writing and laying down the all the facts I currently have–all of them–before moving on to the ones with supervening circumstances.

(If you’re a UP student, or at least you tuned in to the #USCGA drama tonight, you’d understand the shade I’m throwing. But for the record, yes, I’m throwing shade around.)

Queen Beyonce herself–because nothing else can feel as empowering tonight as the Queen herself.

Something stale…not exactly sour stale but it’s not exactly sweet…

A frown 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 (Okay, that’s a lot of frowns)

I just want to focus on planning my write-up but seriously, politics is stressing the hell out of me–and I’m not even directly involved. But I guess that’s the curse, for the lack of a better term, in being surrounded by opinionated individuals and big issues: It’s either you don’t give a fuck or you’re too invested in it.

a beta and proofreader lollllll

Generally drained, a bit pessimistic; earlier I was just so ecstatic and full of ideas for my ~novel~ but reality happened, bullshit got in the way, bla h blah blahh h hhh

The slowly descent of humid summer days to rainy afternoons yaaaaaay

love. ideas. justice. truth. just the normal things a girl wants at midnight

[C O N F E S S I O N   T I M E] I love cuddling. And hugging. I don’t usually initiate both because I’m so halaman, but I secretly love hugging and cuddling. So yeah, I need a cuddle buddy. I promise you I am so squishy and cute and warm and I don’t squirm when I’m asleep. I’m literally an angel in Snoozeville.

11:11 to have a smooth and worthy and successful interview for both EL and Linguistics

#USCGA : the Alat Kalat Edition

UP Diliman’s Graduation Day is on June 28!!!!!

Congratulations to all graduates! The journey had been hard but you’re finally done wooo! ((I’m so jealous of you guys hahahuhuhu)) May all the happiness and brightness of the sunflowers in the University Avenue bless your future careers (or bum lyf, whatever man, anyone is entitled to do whatever they wanna do after surviving college).

At this Point (004)

Hello there, lovely people!

The past days have blurred together into one big cliche [fraction] of my summer, especially with all the afternoon siestas I’ve been taking regularly. I swear, it’s only half because of laziness; the other half is just the plain, unbearable heat of this streak of El Niño. I had plans on how I would spend my midyear especially since I won’t be enrolling for the midyear (summer) classes but it’s already hard to drag your ass out of bed when it’s just too hot to move my limbs.

But I’ve been out and about, mind you! For a day at a time, I’ve managed to go to and from QC, and even to my beloved high school alma mater. This week was a productive one, all thanks to the people who made it extra wonderful. *pray emoji* A little divergence from my usual At this Point, here is my week in bullets:

  • Monday was spent in Diliman, walking to and fro between buildings that are usually a short jeep ride away. (That’s the thing about being a student in Diliman; sometimes the jeepney ride will only take you farther than closer, will make you late instead of early, will bring you in circles and end up dropping you off far from your destination–yep, #hugot)
  • Tuesday was my rest day. Every time I go to QC on a non-school day, it leaves me exhausted to the bones. I don’t know if it’s all the transactions, or the general stress of being in the city.
  • On Wednesday, I went with my sisters to my high school alma mater, *spotlight* UP Rural High School for my youngest sister’s enrollment. She’s now a Grade 9 student–and unfortunately, the only child who got stuck with the [hasty] K-12 implementation in this country. We also went out on a small “squad date” and it was lovely ❤
  • Thursday–I was back in QC to finally file my shifting application. Also, I saw a glimpse of the first blooming sunflowers of the season! *confetti* If you don’t know, sunflowers season is a big thing in UP because they only plant it a month or so before the graduation day in April (now moved to July because ~acad shift~). Thursday was a great day.
  • Friday was the 117th anniversary of the ~Philippine  i n d e p e n d e n c e~ and I wrote it that way because I believe that those 117 years are just years spent being enslaved to a tyrant only a little different from the Spaniards.
  • I was in Manila for the whole Saturday, mainly because we had to pay for my new boarding house + our pre-celebration for Dad’s birthday. *heart*
  • Sunday = my old man’s birthday! I finally got to see the new house they were talking about and my decorating senses are tingling even until now. Haha!

So then, on to my At this Point:


Louise Glück’s Persephone the Wanderer. I’m not much into poetry but I reeeaaaally like words, and sometimes poetry gives a good word an otherworldly feel when it’s in between a stanza. And nope, I’m not yet done with the Vizzini book–I’ve been quite distracted and unproductive and yes these are all poor excuses. I am sorry.


Another entry about my nice Thursday and some ramblings about my student life. Oh, and I’m thinking about giving Camp NaNoWriMo another shot because even though April was kind of an epic fail, it doesn’t mean that I can’t try again until it’s November. But then, I’m kinda stuck because of writer’s block. Nothing good just comes out of my mind and my creative juice is all dried up this summer.


the sound of the electric fan…


Noooooothing 😦 😦 😦 because my nose is all clogged up 😦 😦 😦


my favorite lacy shorts hihihi


about the pizza downstairs…hmmm


inspiration! If you’re interested to be my inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact me pleeeaase *ugly sobbing*


hun g ry  y yy


that Quaker Oats drink that my mom started buying–I love the banana flavor ugggg


meh, foooooooood




for some lovin’ [eww]


recently, I’ve reconnected with my otaku roots and started watching Haikyuu!! It’s a sports anime about a bunch of guys playing volleyball while making ultra-romantic declarations in the court as teammates and I frickin’ love it

Yes, I like love anime 

At this Point (003)

I’m a person who’s afraid of sudden changes but also craves for it, and I do not mix well with self-imposed regular schedules although I find myself quite good at following routines when others or circumstances force them on me.

And so, because I’m such a spastic person, I am gearing myself up to ~flow back~ into blogging after my temporary hiatus, and what better way to do that than putting up a new At this Point shot *confetti* yay!

It’s 2AM and I’m high on caffeine that I shouldn’t have drunk at ten in the evening, so of course my thoughts are too scattered and incoherent for a proper blog post so I thought a well-structured one could put me on the right track.

I like structure. I hate it when things are in such disarray, when everyone just makes things up to get through whatever they have to–ironically enough, that’s how I roll. Which kinda means that I am a living contradiction of myself. Nice.

So! Before I lose it completely, here is my third At this Point!


I plan on doing a review of this book because it’s seriously good! So for now, I’ll keep it short and simple as to not give too much hehehe

I’m trying to plow through Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story for weeks now but I’m still a little after the halfway mark. It’s a combination of acad problems and sheer lack of mood that’s why I haven’t finished. Oh, and distractions too.

My reading habits are just as spastic as I am–I certainly didn’t have a problem plowing through Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before in under four hours while I was on a long break, waiting for my last class that day. But there are times when I put a book down for a moment and then my attention shifts on a new thing like it’s a shiny toy and the next thing I know, the book is already being packed into a box of books I already read even though my pseudo-bookmark is still wedged in between pages 48 and 49. I don’t know; I’ve long since known that I have very predictable habits and reactions but I also have completely unpredictable ones–at least I like to think so lol.


I’m thinking of going back to my (fail) attempt of writing a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo. Joining NaNoWriMo (it’s every November) has been one of my ambitious aims this 2015–right beside putting up and maintaining a blog–and I thought joining “The Camp” would be a good practice as well as a way to gauge my work ethics. Look at where I ended up–I kinda stopped after the 7k mark because, as usual, I was swamped with real life+acads. At least I got the second part right–it made me realize that I can’t work through anything like that for as long as I’m still on the edge about my acads. Which is a pretty sad thing, because I promised myself that college wouldn’t entirely remove me from the writing scene. But then again, we all have our mini boohoo’s since college started and we all just have to deal because not everything lasts forever–and yes, this is me pulling a “forever is bullshit” on you people.

Disclaimer: I do not like the bandwagon of people claiming that forever is not real–in fact, I hate that “movement” and mentality and the people who are so well-invested in proving and always quoting, “Walang forever“. Go and do something more productive with your lives, please. Better yet, help this “god forsaken country”, as one of my professors used to quote, by advocating something that really matters. I believe in forever but not just in a lot of people’s rose-tinted views.


Have I mentioned here how much I love Spotify? I lightly remember mentioning Spotify but I’m not sure if I reiterated enough that Spotify is da lyfe. I have a new phone now (yay!!!) as well as a new memory card but I still depend more on Spotify than my limited playlist in my phone.

I started writing this with EDM blasting in my ears–because I crave The Rave—but then I realized that it’s not helping with the shaky hands (thanks to my on-off lover, coffee) so I switched to a relaxed mood vibe. Still on Spotify. I love Spotify. I live Spotify.


Like sweat. Coz the aircon timer already went off. Boohoo.


my heart on my sleeve. Kidding! But I am wearing my thoughts quite out loud right  now. If that even makes sense.


about my grades–ugh, I’m not a very grades-obsessed person jUST MAKING IT CLEAR! But shifting needs a good set of grades and I’m not secure yet so I’m just all nerves and waiting and crying until I get the good news (hooray for the remaining positivity in me).

How did I even survive this semester? This school year? It felt like f o r e v e r. . .


the kick of both sleepiness and caffeine. And I’m really craving for a good reason to get hammered.

(Actually, I don’t want/need a reason but I really, really, really want to get wasted soon, preferably over the next week. Or like, right now.)

I always find myself getting drunk (or high, take your pick) with coffee–seems only fair that I do it with alcohol too haha kidding! Not.

I’m not trying to promote alcoholism here or anything, and I’m definitely not trying to build a “bad, bad girl” image too. It’s just that life has been stressful and it would be kind of nice to loosen up around friends.

Plus, I’ve been wound up tightly over the last semester (and I just can’t stop repeating this, can I?), plus I’ve been reading too many stories set in College/University universes  and I could really relate so much with the coffee overdose, the lack of sleep, the library camp outs EXCEPT for the rave scenes and I kinda feel jealous.

This is pathetic. I feel jealous over fictional characters because they get to attend more college parties than me, and they have their more than their fair share of alcohol in their system and out. Pathetic, yes.

I’m a young and able college student and there has been lots of opportunities to drink and grind with strangers over the semester but I bailed out more than often because I wasn’t ~feeling it~ and now that I do, school is over. This is sad.

I’m actually going around asking my friends (lol okay, I only asked like two or three) if they want to get smashed with me.

Disclaimer: This is the caffeine and the late hour talking. I’m not usually a party-starved animal because in the first place I’m usually not interested but I guess the lack of social life is finally getting to me.


my neat little corner of exile–a.k.a The Nest


*whispers* a l c o h o l *chokes* v o d k a   p l e a s e


SLEEP lol I have a vaccine appointment tomorrow (later??? coz it’s already 3-ish)


that my parents would surprise us and just tell us to pack our bags coz bitches we’re going to Hong Kong!!!

But seriously. I asked for an out-of-the-country trip instead of a fancy, princess debut and I still don’t have any idea when we’re supposed to go. Or if we’re still going. I am honestly itching for a change of scenery, and more reasons to make Dad see that I will totally fall in love with no one soon if he gives me a DSLR.

So yeah, I’ve been very chatty tonight (this morning??) and this is really incoherent at the moment. I’ll go back and edit tomorrow and put up GIFs and memes and stuff (who hates GIFs and memes? They’re always so accurate!)

See you soon (like later) ×

At this Point (002)

This week was such a lovely week! I didn’t know what I did to deserve such a lovely week but I’m not the kind to question little quirky blessings so I’m just, “Yassss!” all the way. It wasn’t a perfect week; there were still little (and not-so little) bumps and errors but they seemed minimal and almost insignificant. I was seriously on a positive high the whole week!

Even the sudden intense summer heat did not dampen my good mood. Ha! I always woke up on the right side of the bed, happy enough to make the effort to tweet different versions of “good morning freshness” everyday.

So, right now:

The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. Since I started college, I’ve been strangely attracted to Asian literature and Asian authors. I don’t think it’s solely because of the Murakami fever these days, although I do admit that I’ve fallen in love with his works (haven’t finished them all, though). I think it’s partly because of my English 11 class last semester, and honestly I hope it’s also because I’m maturing as a reader.

(Also, hooray for a wider variety of books to read!)

Oxygen (and pollutants) aren’t the only things that compose the air I breathe in

I’m a blank canvas, a blank page, at the moment. Um.

The Voice PH’s final contestants–my parents are big fans, and by big, I mean huge fans

Let’s just say that I need a quick shower…

my hair on a braid because #BadHairDay

about my 18th! I’m turning 18 on the 4th, and I’ll be celebrating on the 7th weeeee

worried because I just realized that I have a lot of schoolwork for next week + hopeful that more of my highschool batchmates (and my few college friends!) could go to my party even though it’s almost mid semester which means busy college students

how I spent this day; it was humbling at some point, and eye-opening too

to go shopping for shoes (but of course, I don’t have money)

motivation to do schoolwork–and it’s almost impossible because there’s a reason why I don’t accomplish schoolwork at home (clue: it’s something about it being schoolwork while I’m at home)

Although the exams aren’t this week yet, I really need a head start because I don’t want to cram!!! I want to change my study habits and get a higher GPA, because contrary to what everyone says, I DO need a high GPA (because I’m shifting out of Arki so lol, go figure).

that I could go on an exchange student program! I really want to go out of the country not just for vacation.

As for this week’s highlights, aside from the unnatural positive vibes, there’s also:

  • Mass walkout of students in UP Diliman, in line with the protest for PNoy to step down from his office.

(My dad called me to make sure I was still inside the campus, and not on my way to Mendiola to join the protesters. I guess he knows me too well; I almost walked out to join them, only for the sake of supporting the courageous student activists although I don’t wholly share their views)

In front of the AS steps, a small number of student protesters assembled. At around noon, they paraded inside the Palma Hall and shouted and encouraged us to walkout of our classes and join the protest.
  • my role model, Lee Chaerin a.k.a CL of 2NE1, turned 24!
She’s the reason why I don’t get frustrated about my super massive thighs, the reason why I don’t get insecure as often as before, the reason why I think I’m a stronger girl–hopefully a real lady soon. Saeng il chukhahae, eonni!
  • I STARTED WORKING OUT AGAIN! My friend and I are determined to regularly work out again because a lot of our friends are working out and we don’t want to be left behind…
I can do this! Road to fitness and healthy living! Screw the “fit-body-is-the-new-beautiful” craze–I’m doing this for myself!

Although, food can reaaaally be a bit of a temptation. I mean–

At this Point (001)

Since my blog is still in its budding stage, I still have a lot of things to fix and think about like the permanent/regular kind of posts, post categories, and a lot more. I really don’t want to half-ass my blog this time around, so I’ve been working on ways to push and motivate myself to update as much as I can regularly.

Although I want to blog about my life, I don’t want to make it seem like a diary of sorts but I also want to share bits and pieces of the awesome (and not-so awesome) things in my life. So I decided to just post “periodicals” like this–weekly (as regularly as I can) posts about how my week went, and the highlights that I would probably expand into a separate post.

I wasn’t so sure how to tackle this, though, so I kind of browsed through some of my favorite blogs, like Ate Krissy’s and Ate Bea’s (I’m not so sure if I should call them “Ate” though?? I mean, I don’t want to just call them by their names because they don’t even know me and they’re just these big “seniors” as women lol). I decided to use their Currently volumes as a sort of guide and branch out from there.

I took the liberty to put up my own version (read: use my own title/tag/heading), which is At this Point.

So. Onto my first At this Point post, then!

Bas de Gaay Fortman’s “Poverty as a Failure of Entitlement: Do Rights-Based Approaches Make Sense?” in L. Williams (ed.), International Poverty Law: An Emerging Discourse and Ha Joon Chang’s “How Did Rich Countries Really Become Rich?” in Kicking Away the Ladder: development strategy in historical perspective.

As you can probably guess, they’re academic reads and they’re for my Socio10 class (and I haven’t even started yet). Reading academic journals and articles has always been a struggle for me because they’re my one-way ticket to hours of Snooze-fest. And I usually end up with a novel in my hand just to “kick the enthusiasm into my system”, which promptly leads to an unread class reading. Although, I gotta say that my readings for this particular class are very interesting (or is this me being more interested in class? Haha!)

Still on the wraps–I’m still deciding whether I should write a review of Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig (a Dulaang UP play that I watched recently) or The Girl Who Played Go (the book I read when classes were cancelled for the Chinese New Year celebrations).

(I’m also thinking whether I will spend some time to rant my frustrations about Jupiter Ascending. We’ll see)

my iTunes library on shuffle (and I gathered that I used to have a very indecisive taste in music)

My mom’s peach-and-something-else lotion that she refuses to share to me

old school shirt × old distressed shorts × MY NEW MOP OF SUPER DRY AND DAMAGED BUT GETTING-TO-BLONDE HAIR

(It looks weird because of the lighting but it’s a bright brassy blonde)

of NAM TAEHYUN (my baby how I miss him!), of how I will tackle my Arch105 homework, how I will avoid spending so much next week, and my 18th!

A bit restless. I haven’t accomplished anything during the weekend and Monday is my last chance to avoid pulling an all-nighter in the middle of the week to finish school work

the books I hauled from the pop-up bookstore setup in between AS and CAL in my uni

for inspiration (and diligence) to strike me–please strike me now!

a new pair shoes! My old pair of Converse are already worn out from walking around the campus in between my classes (all the time! because I rarely indulge myself jeepney rides because #healthyliving), and I probably should invest on a nice pair of shoes that aren’t sneakers 😦

I have money to buy concert tickets for Katy Perry’s and Epik High’s tours, and to fly to Korea for my Kpop-fangirl-pilgrimage

As an addition, I will also list down this week’s highlights:

  • Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig, the heartbreakingly beautiful final offering of Dulaang UP for their 39th season
Valentine’s Day well-spent! I’m sure it was a much more intellectual and culturally substantial show (and damn hotter!) than the glorified Fifty Shades of Grey. *insert smug-side-eye emoji here*
  • My friend promised to give me a cactus, because I’ve been raving on and on about wanting a cactus to “pour all the love I have into” and here he is!
Meet Pablo IV, my new baby! (Excuse my poor angle; I took this photo while I was on the bus on my way home lol)