Patricia Lucido is an eighteen-something introvert with a wild heart. She is a lover of languages and a citizen of the world.

20151225_170157-01.jpegAn Iskolar ng Bayan in the University of the Philippines Diliman, she is an aspiring European Languages major currently lost in the jungle of sleeplessness as an Architecture student.

[EDIT–August 2015]: An Iskolar ng Bayan in the University of the Philippines Diliman, she is now a European Languages student majoring in French, with a minor in Political Science.

She spends most of her time sitting alone while writing, sleeping, or simply thinking deeply about the most mundane of things. Her usual hideouts include fancy (and not-so fancy) cafes and libraries. She thrives on coffee–plain black, with the occasional teaspoon of sugar–and someday, she wants to open up her own coffee shop that would cater mostly to sleep-deprived college students.

Her interests mostly lie on literature, but she’s also fond of art (avant garde, art galleries, museums, theater) and fashion (Korean models, fashion illustrations, the runway). She is secretly (or maybe not-so secretly) a fan of sports anime and a select few Kpop groups.

She dreams of being a skilled, multi-lingual individual, travel around the world, get a nice flat in New York and Paris, and settle down in Scandinavia with a dog (or a hundred).

She lives alternately in Quezon City, where she stays because of her studies, and Laguna, her hometown.


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