Currently, 2016 vol. 2

What’s up, fam? I haven’t been updating for quite a while now–believe me, I wanted to! And I really had legitimate things to write about, and I already had half-baked drafts resting in my laptop but academic life was really getting in the way.

You’ll be surprised to hear (read) that I was busy with my social life as well.

S U R P R I S E,   S U R P R I S E!!!

Ergo, I was unable to put aside time to nurture this blog and input some more of my silly thoughts and commentary. The lack of motivation was also a challenge–I have my ideas but the will to actually do it just isn’t there. But I’m free-ish now and I am so happy because the past few weeks had been hectic even with my fifteen units, and I reeeaaaally needed a break from that kind of toxic life. *sigh*

Real life has been getting more and more annoying because it’s the election campaign period now, and as a political science minor, issues about the candidates and other politics-related shit have been up my ass for a while now. Somehow the world went from cute to really ugly and depressing quick.


I like to think that this is me maturing as a student–at least, I’d like to think so??? I have my life’s updates here, though, so enough with the heavy stuff first and here ya go!



Sadly, no time for leisure reading yet 😦 But I did buy new books!! last week from the popup book sale booth at UP. I finally have a copy of “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” and a vampire-themed novel which I forgot the title lol but I think it’s by Anne Rice??? I really do hope I get the chance to read them soon, but for now, it’s the 1987 Constitution and some political science articles. They’re very tiring to read and comprehend, but I’m really happy with what I’m doing (reading, studying) right now.


I am more inspired these days to write on my journal and decorate it aesthetically yasssss!!! But I’m also currently writing a small potato rant about my love for my country lol because life here is becoming a bit negative for me, so I had to reaffirm to myself this. More about this later!


I’m not on it yet, but if I manage to clean off a good chunk of my school-related to-do list, I might catch up on the Haikyuu!! episodes I missed haha! Karasuno and Aoba Johsai are about to face off soon–or at least, in the latest episode that I wanted (lol).


Ariana Grande’s new single, Dangerous Woman! Damn woman, big improvement from Focus! This is definitely my week’s jam!


About what tasks I’m going to write down in my bullet journal–and now that I’m on that topic, I should really remember to write about my bullet journal experience and style soon!!!!


A little too sleepyyyyyy… The past few weeks had left me always falling asleep in every free time I get, whether it’s a 3-hour break in between my morning and afternoon classes or a few hours of nap after my last class. It’s starting to become a problem with my fucked up sleeping habits 😦


How I spent yesterday!!!!! I brought some of my highschool barkada to my childhood home near Tagaytay, and we had a boodle fight type of late lunch/early dinner, drank a little for fun, before they had to go home. My best friend and I, since we were the only ones who could sleep overnight there, were able to have a nice heart-to-heart talk which we haven’t been able to do for quite some time now.

I admit that I’m really bad at organizing events like get togethers, so some of my friends weren’t able to come but I think we really enjoyed getting to take some time off and just chill somewhere not-urban. And my childhood home is really the perfect place for that, so I hope I get to have more chances to bring my friends over. 🙂 ❤


How I’m going to maximize the remaining part of my weekend to kickstart the acads process 😦 😦 😦 Just because I don’t have exams anymore next week doesn’t mean I get to slack off!


I’ll be updating my backlog list and post some soon (I hope!!), so toodles for now!!! ❤


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