Currently, 2016 vol. 1

Hello, wassup, 1 2 3 check, test.

Hello from the blazing hot Diliman campus! ❤ I’m back at QC since yesterday because registration and enrollment starts today, although mine won’t start until tomorrow. But my sister, since she’s a freshman, started the grueling task of enrolling for this semester this morning.

She’s been having a hard time because she initially got 13 units, and she’s supposed to have at least 16 or 17 units before she can enroll, but she has her freshie priority and stuff so I still consider that as pretty lucky.

(Although, in my previous semesters with incomplete initial units, I never really relied much on lining up to get a slot in a class because they’re time-consuming and to be honest, a complete waste of time for everybody.)

Starting tomorrow, slots in every class are going to be free-for-all (except for the graduating students, because they have automatic priority). Seeing that I am still stuck with just 9 units, I have to work hard and work early tomorrow–I lucked out this time because all I need to add now are just my majors and a minor. Although, “luck” is pretty relative when it comes to UP’s volatile enlistment process because you can never be too “lucky” as long as you still haven’t locked in your acquired subjects.

Personally, I could never let myself chill every registration period until I already have my tuition surrendered to our university cashier.

The extra week that UP students had after the holidays passed by quickly and now I’m back here in the metro /cries/. The only upside is that there are more places to hang out in–Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Katipunan, SM North or Trinoma–and my restless feet could stretch out and go around.

I’m going to be pretty busy starting tomorrow, but right now I’m free as a bird so I thought I could drop by and post this.

Here goes~


My horrible reading habits have prevented me from finishing a book last Christmas break–I am so ashamed of myself!!! I really, truly wanted to finish the Heroes of Olympus series before the break is over–mostly because Rick Riordan already has another series in the market, now focused on Norse mythologynnnggghhhhh–but I wasn’t able to even pick up my copy of Mark of Athena. And I forgot to bring them here to QC, because I fought myself hard to not bring a lot of useless stuff back to QC so the commute would be easier for me.



I just finished watching Xavier Nolan’s Les Amours Imaginaires last night, and it exceeded my expectations. I had a lot of LOL moments with my sister with how “blunt but artsy” it was made and overall it’s a good film to watch when you want to deviate from the mainstream Hollywood lineup, although I haven’t thought in depth if I really liked it or if I just got carried away by the aesthetics.

I got that movie as a recommendation from my fellow EL shiftee/Tito-Tita friend, Kent, when I told him I needed more French movies to watch and observe so I could pick up the tone and the manner of how legit French people speak in French. Listening activities are probably the hardest part of studying a language, along with the oral part, because native French people speak so fast with their syllables and slang blurring together that I could barely decipher their dialogues. OTL

The movie about two friends who fall for the same guy–and I really can’t blame Francis and Marie because Nicolas is dreamy, although Francis is more of my type hehehe. Actually, the actor who played the role of Francis is Xavier Nolan himself, and I’ve seen the trailer of Tom à la ferme (Tom at the Farm)–another recommendation from Kent, also by Nolan–and he really looked good and acted brilliantly to match the amazing storyline. I can’t wait to watch more of his movies. ❤ I got the feature for Les Amours Imaginaires lined up next in my drafts (or maybe a feature of Xavier Nolan instead, if I get to watch Tom at the Farm and J’ai tue ma mere first–whichever is more conducive for my writing muse/mood LOL) and I’m excited to share here my thoughts and sentiments.

Disclaimer: I am no film major or a legitimate educated individual about the yay-or-nay aspects of a good film, so I don’t claim my reactions and opinions as very well-based and the arguments well-established. I am just a person who hopes to enjoy the rare times I actually manage to make the effort to watch a film.


I really want to publish something in Amazon’s Kindle Publishing or something along those lines, because I need some extra cash and writing is pretty much the surest track for me to earn money using the skills I already have. I’m developing some plot bunnies that have been sitting around in my brain or my laptop for some time now. I hope it goes well, although I’m still also in the researching stages about how this self-publishing thing goes.


The soundtrack of Les Amours Imaginaires.

Dalida’s Bang Bang is an absolute BABE. I couldn’t stop singing “Bang bang” repeatedly in my mind since yesterday and today, seriously hahaha! I really liked how cheeky the movie was, although I could already predict right at the beginning how their (Francis-Nicolas-Marie) relationships would go, and my suspicions were confirmed at the scene–oops SPOILER–when Francis met Nicolas’s rad mom.


Anyways, that’s that for now. I’m freezing here at Coffee Bean but at least I already had my regular overpriced caffeine fix for today. It’s definitely good to be back (minus the next, stressful days lol)! I’m looking forward to another fruitful, relevant, productive, educational and progressive (in terms of knowledge and wisdom) semester! Wish me luck for tomorrow and the rest of the semester lol and I hope everyone too has a great semester/quarter/year/life! ❤ ❤ ❤


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