At this Point (009)

Post-Christmas and I could already feel all the calories I need to lose before the next semester starts.

(Gah, my skinny jeans don’t fit me anymore!)

Even so, I’d like to greet everyone a merry holiday! YAY CONFETTI!!!

I had a great Christmas this year, although my left Dad for China yesterday. It was a quiet affair for me and my extended family on my father’s side, and I spent it bonding with my cousins and catching up with my aunts and uncles.

I’m glad Family-Gathering-FAQ #2–a.k.a “Kailan ka gagraduate?” (“When are you graduating?”)–did not pop up because I honestly would have just smiled at my relatives and waved goodbye. Although it’s not a touchy subject, I really don’t want to discuss it much because I don’t want to think about the  l e n g t h  of the time I still have to go through before I finally get to wear a sablay.

Unfortunately, FAQ #1–“May boyfriend ka na ba?” (“Do you have a boyfriend already?”)–is still relentless in maintaining its number one spot as the most asked and most embarrassing question asked by my relatives every family gathering. A lot of my aunts and uncles have been speculating that said Boyfriend already exists, and that I’m just being secretive about it, but as I always say,

“If I do have a boyfriend already, I would never keep it a secret; I’d practically gloat to the whole family.”

But alas, there really is no Boyfriend to gloat about and I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Having a romantic partner isn’t just part of my plan at this moment, although it would be nice to feel kilig and be taken care of once in a while. But I believe that a romantic partner is not some requirement that people have to achieve to reassert their identity as a person and to succeed in life, so boo.

Anyways! This was supposed to be a quick update while I’m in the middle of planning out the next few posts I wanna write–progress is nay in that department, though. LOL. Here’s this week’s At this Point!



Rick Riordan’s Mark of Athena, the third installment of the Heroes of Olympus series. I like Riordan’s stories because–confession time–I’m a nerd for mythology. I had a brief flashback of the first time I picked a copy of The Lightning Thief. It already lost the initial hype when I started reading the series because I hate reading mainstream books, but from there I was instantly hooked. I actually started the Heroes of Olympus series waaaaaaay back, but I paused in the middle when Asian literature grabbed my attention and now I’m kinda regretting it. I stopped reading literally a few pages away from the ending of Mark of Athena and now that I’m going back to reading it, I don’t even remember what the hell has happened so I have to restart the whole book.

The only great thing about reading this late is that I already bought all five books and I could just breeze through the rest without waiting for the next shower of money so I could buy the next book haha!


As promised, because I love Haikyuu!! so much, I’m writing a review! Although I could already feel that it would be more of a fangirl rant rather than an honest-to-god review, but I’ll try my best to give both good and bad points instead of just raving about how cute Tsukki is. ❤

Say goodbye to metaphor–I am literally falling 


Nothing in particular, coz I already watched Haikyuu!!‘s 13th episode hehehe


Ebe Dancel’s Bawat Daan album!!!!!!!!! I’M SO IN LOVE SERIOUSLY. I know that I’m not the biggest fan of OPM and that I rarely listen to OPM but my cousin was listening to his album in her car when we went out to the movies yesterday and I instantly fell in love. I am so gonna feature him and his songs in my next mixtape, which I should be planning soon hehe.


About coffee. I have evolved a lot as a coffee drinker. I remember starting out as a girl blinded by consumerism when I took a sip of my first Starbucks frappuccino, and the daughter of a woman who regularly bought bottled Starbucks latte from the supermarket. These days, when I have the choice, I choose to drink/prepare black coffee and I’m just starting to opt out the one teaspoon of sugar that I add to my cup.


EXCITED AF!! My friend and I planned to go hiking before the semester starts, tentative date is on January 6! I’ve been wanting to go hiking/trekking again since my first time–Mt. Makiling–when it was a required activity for my NSTP class last year. I don’t think I’m a very outdoors-y person; in fact, I’m very introverted and I’d rather curl up with my favorite blanket in bed or on a couch. But the experience of hiking for me was a really good one and I really want it to be a regular excursion.


How my Christmas went! Aside from nice and new clothes, money and other gifts, I think this Christmas was nicer because it’s a more intimate gathering for our family without removing the typical Pinoy themes like overbearing extended families LOL. I got to bond with my family more and since the elders in our generation are all girls (while the boys were all younger at sixth grade and below) we all exchanged really good tips about fashion and makeup hahaha!


Still on my 2016 bullet journal, plus our Hongkong trip on the side. Also, my best friend has already agreed to help me out with the proper coding I have to do for the revamp of this blog so I’m really excited to dish out the planning and launch this blog! YAYZZZ!


I’m kinda sleepy now but I have to actually write my other blog entries, so I have to at least make outlines and stuff so I’d be more motivated to write and finish them.



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