[Mixtape] The Life of D. Hale


BITE // Troye Sivan

Drive // Halsey

Terrible Things // Mayday Parade

Irresistible // Fall Out Boy

Control // Halsey

Demons // Imagine Dragons

Trouble-Stripped // Halsey

Dancing with a Wolf // All Time Low

Animals // Maroon 5

Gasoline // Halsey


So. Derek Hale.

I vaguely remember mentioning that I am into Derek Hale’s character and Tyler Hoechlin’s face but I don’t know if I’ve specified the magnitude of it. Well, it’s at the level where I mess around and suddenly songs remind me of the tragic life of one Derek Hale. And it quickly escalated into making a playlist of these songs.

Thus, this was crafted by yours truly.

It’s truly a shame that Hoechlin is out of Teen Wolf now because I seriously think that Derek Hale as a character is a complex subplot on its own embedded in the series’s entirety.

It’s truly a shame that Hoechlin is now out Teen Wold because I seriously think that Derek Hale as a character is a complex subplot on its own embedded in the series’s entirety.

All that amount of tragic compiled into one [yummnice] physique deserves more exploration, although I understand that the plot has long deviated from simple ‘wolves and their encounters with weird-ass supernatural creatures but but but–Derek Hale!

The whole plot wouldn’t have taken off without the Hales–yes, including Peter–because werewolf, and now they’re not around anymore. I get that the series is about Scott and his True Alpha status and his new pack, but I would have loved it to have seen a resolution of some sorts for Derek Hale and his issues.

I would have loved it if they gave him a chance at figuring out the issues that piled up in his life since Paige, a chance to deconstruct the facade that he’s had since everything in his life started spiraling downwards, a chance to be portrayed as the Derek Hale that wields to the fullest the potential of his character development.

Sadly, these are things I would only be able to experience through [well-written] fan fiction. And by waxing poetic about it.

(And, as a recent development, creating a playlist about it.)

The playlist isn’t as eclectic as I would have liked–I counted four songs from Halsey alone, there’s literally no variety–and the song choices don’t always make sense. Others like ATL’s Dancing with a Wolf and Maroon 5’s Animals would seem literal but I see some part of the lyrics that give me a this-is-totally-Derek vibes.

BITE is the first Troye Sivan song I listened to and I instantly fell in love–kinda like how I encountered Derek Hale and Teen Wolf, to be honest. More than that, it’s a nice poetic way of playing with how Derek Hale’s cliche sex appeal (leather jacket, stubble, scowl, sports car) was portrayed; sometimes even in fan fiction, people play too much into the whole wet dream aura that the depth of his character is set aside. I felt like BITE illustrated that feeling well, in a really faint, resigned way that Derek Hale might have felt. FOB’s Irresistible–it’s also about the same theme, the overused bad boy cliche–but it’s for situations where his character took advantage of it well to turn the tide into his favor, pumped with aggressive feels and confidence, in a way.

Mayday’s Terrible Things doesn’t share the literal meaning of the lyrics to Derek’s character but I just felt like it’s a song that his character believes in because of his relationship with Paige. I don’t really imagine an alternate universe where they ended up together, but the overall heartbreak that the song portrayed felt the same like the Derek/Paige ship that sailed but sank soon after.

Gasoline totally feels like The Hale Fire (trademark), and it’s not just because of gasoline. Halsey pretty much single-handedly described all the dark (pretty) aspects of Derek Hale’s crappy life and all the bad guy misconceptions about him. I could totally imagine him in New York, a ~broken~ teenager with random hookups and attempts to fill the void of losing a pack–Halsey is pretty much the soundtrack of the bad part of his life. Imagine Dragon’s Demons talks about the layers upon layers of his character’s insecurities as a ‘wolf, leader and Alpha, and even as a friend–plus the guilt that he’s been swimming in the whole time.

I wanted to jokingly add sexual songs like Talk Dirty to Me and Take Your Shirt Off but I also felt like it’ll trivialize and objectify his character further. Don’t get me wrong: I am not unaffected by the stubble–dude, s t u b b l e. I just thought that it doesn’t fit the ~vibe~ of the mix.

So there.

My pilot entry for a new category in my blog: Mixtape.

This is actually a nice, refreshing experiment for my thinking gears–I started out with just BITE because I literally thought, “Wow this is so Derek Hale” when I first listened to it, and the idea of making a playlist seemed easy at that time. In actuality, it really made me think a lot in the process–not just about my understanding of his character but also about the music I listen to.

I hope I could think of a great follow up soon. And a better idea for a platform to put the playlist in, so I could embed it here and have you guys listen to it.

Until then, here’s for Derek Hale ❤ ❤ ❤

Hail, Hale!

(ha ha ha. See what I did there.)

b y e . . .



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