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It is time for my still-inconsistent At this Point, and I’m writing this while I’m tuned in to UP Diliman’s #USCGA regarding another fraternity “war” involving students from the campus. I feel a lot of things because of this issue, especially since it’s my campus; might as well write now while my thoughts are still alive, fueled by this issue.

I’m not qualified to make assumptions about this, since 1) I do not know the full details about the attack other than what I watched from the evening news and what I read in the Internet; and 2) I am not closely involved with anyone who has an “insider” view about the matter, i.e. anyone who’s involved or deeply invested with the university-wide politics, to form enough concrete and definite opinions about the matter.

The fact that there is a general assembly to discuss and investigate this matter is probably what I can dabble on. The fact that this act, supposed to be exclusive to simpletons who don’t know better, is still happening feels like a failure in itself. Failure of whom or what, I really don’t want to know anymore. But as a fellow student, I feel more than a twinge of that failure. I hope those who should be entirely responsible about this feel something at all. And I hope they don’t just feel; I hope they put into motion the right course of actions in response to this. Just last year, we also had a fraternity-related headliner about hazing. The years before that had similar occurrences.

Our university boasts of academic excellence but underneath that is twisted politics, more issues reflecting the state of this country than what people realize.

In simple Tagalog context:


They’ve been at it for more or less five hours now, and they’re nowhere near to solving the real issue on hand. It feels like the “panel” have their own personal agendas separate from what the meeting was supposed to exploit.


Let’s just move on to this week’s At this Point, shall we?

Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha. I know that there are lots of criticisms about this book (and even the movie) but it used to be one of my favorite novels back when I was in high school. His attention to detail and the narrations was (at that time) superb in my gullible opinion. Now that I know better, or at least I like to think I do, I see how Golden violated the art of being a geisha by writing this novel–a discourse that has long been circulating around, so I’m not gonna expound much on this.

Although, Memoirs of a Geisha is actually the book that propelled me to the direction of reading Asian authored novels, with my English 11 class as the cement that bound me to that genre(?). I’m re-reading this book for the nth time because I was feeling nostalgic all of a sudden–that and  because I was researching and I found about Eitarou, the only remaining male geisha in Japan. There’s a lot to be discussed about him and other people’s views about how he’s practicing his art but all I can say is that it’s beautiful and captivating and I just have no words. When I read about him, especially the features of him in the process of getting ready for an engagement or entertaining in a party, I remembered my sister (the middle one) lol. It’s because she’s a Filipiniana dancer, I guess, and I saw a lot of parallels.

I don’t know if I’m qualified already to say that I’m in the process of writing my fic fest entry, but I’m confident to disclose to you that I’m writing and laying down the all the facts I currently have–all of them–before moving on to the ones with supervening circumstances.

(If you’re a UP student, or at least you tuned in to the #USCGA drama tonight, you’d understand the shade I’m throwing. But for the record, yes, I’m throwing shade around.)

Queen Beyonce herself–because nothing else can feel as empowering tonight as the Queen herself.

Something stale…not exactly sour stale but it’s not exactly sweet…

A frown 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 (Okay, that’s a lot of frowns)

I just want to focus on planning my write-up but seriously, politics is stressing the hell out of me–and I’m not even directly involved. But I guess that’s the curse, for the lack of a better term, in being surrounded by opinionated individuals and big issues: It’s either you don’t give a fuck or you’re too invested in it.

a beta and proofreader lollllll

Generally drained, a bit pessimistic; earlier I was just so ecstatic and full of ideas for my ~novel~ but reality happened, bullshit got in the way, bla h blah blahh h hhh

The slowly descent of humid summer days to rainy afternoons yaaaaaay

love. ideas. justice. truth. just the normal things a girl wants at midnight

[C O N F E S S I O N   T I M E] I love cuddling. And hugging. I don’t usually initiate both because I’m so halaman, but I secretly love hugging and cuddling. So yeah, I need a cuddle buddy. I promise you I am so squishy and cute and warm and I don’t squirm when I’m asleep. I’m literally an angel in Snoozeville.

11:11 to have a smooth and worthy and successful interview for both EL and Linguistics

#USCGA : the Alat Kalat Edition

UP Diliman’s Graduation Day is on June 28!!!!!

Congratulations to all graduates! The journey had been hard but you’re finally done wooo! ((I’m so jealous of you guys hahahuhuhu)) May all the happiness and brightness of the sunflowers in the University Avenue bless your future careers (or bum lyf, whatever man, anyone is entitled to do whatever they wanna do after surviving college).


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