3 Points at Random

A very happy Father’s Day to all the great papi-papitos all over the world! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ My sisters and I failed with our supposedly surprise dinner last night because Dad and Mom took too long to go home, so we just cleaned up the “formal dinner” setup we did and just watched TV until they arrived.

I’ve been very disoriented this week because of a lot of things, mainly because of the fickle weather as well as my irregular sleeping hours. Typical. So, I just thought of something to write down, little things and topics that occupy my mind in random moments.

i. “Sunflowers are overrated,” they say. Yes, they are. But sunflowers are also lovely and they make me happy and who are we to disregard the simple joys in life? Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. It’s a little sad that they won’t grow taller than me this time, with the afternoon thunderstorms already paving the way for the rainy season. I know it sounds a bit fanatic but I really love the small traditions and private jokes we have in UP, especially in Diliman. Sometimes I revel in these little details that we can fully claim as ours in no other sense but tradition and culture–the sunflowers, Oble and the Oblation Run, the canopy of trees around the Academic Oval, the Sunken Garden and the joggers/bikers lane, and even Zorro himself. UP as a whole is not without its faults and the system its corruption, and as Iskolars we’re always looked up to and expected to be of critical minds; even so, it’s nice to step back a little and just embrace the beautiful quirks of our university and the subculture in it, without defiling the good vibes with the pessimism widespread along with knowledge and awareness.

Look at these lovely baby blooms at Diliman, though. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I took a quick snapshot when I was leaving the campus while on a moving taxi hehehe.

ii. Rainy afternoons are the BEST. Don’t you just get the feeling when it rains like you just want to squish your mattress into a corner and gather all the comforters, blankets, pillows and plushies you have and haphazardly throw everything to the mattress and just lie there reading (or writing, if your muse shows up)? And the scene wouldn’t be complete without a cup of tea or an excessive amount of coffee, of course. A month before the second semester ends, acad shift or not, a lot of people look forward to the sunlight and the beach so much and I just don’t, not really. I like the sun but since I wear my inner romantic like a cardigan on a nice day, I’m obliged to like love the rain more because, duh, the most cliche of all cliches. Kidding aside, the ambiance when it rains just gets to me and my muse a lot. Even in my childhood, I used to watch typhoons pass by in our windows without fear but fascination.

The best part about when it rains is the sweater/hoodie/oversized shirt weather. Ahhhhh~

iii. I share good relations with certain people whom others have strong dislike or negative opinions about; sometimes my being friends with them doesn’t make sense to others, and I feel like they think of me as two-faced at times (at the very least). I like to think myself as above hypocrisy and such; instead, I just decide to set aside other people’s misgivings–especially my friends’. I decide to not label them with their mistakes and “bad qualities”, because we all have those grayer areas in us than most of us realize. We’re entitled to our opinions but never the condemnation of our peers through our version of propriety and standards. The friends I keep close to my heart are few, and these friendships I’ve founded on the base of understanding them even at their worst and trusting them with my worst. I know that I seem to operate almost borderline anti-social, but then, as that rule in Zombieland goes, “Enjoy the little things.”

I feel like I still owe this blog a lot of entries–and I do. I’ve had eventful things happen to me, but then I’d be too lazy to write about them and by the time I actually take the time to sit down and write, my recollections are too hazy for a proper write-up. I just lost my muse to write again and it sucks; writing, even the non-literary kind, is a struggle these days.

Anyway, my Twitter and Instagram accounts are my most updated social media accounts, so if you want to hear from me more beyond this blog, I’m found here:

Twitter: @PatriciaLucido
Instagram: @mapatricia_

Just a little warning: My Twitter account has no filter at all. Most of my tweets are either vulgar or crude comments, or subtle shade throwing that no one seems to figure out lol.

On other news, I’ve revived my Tumblr account! Hooray! If you’re interested with my very ~hipster~ side interests, my Tumblr url is charkoalgrey.tumblr.com. Don’t be shy to hit me up if you want to! Even if you don’t want to lol.


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