Hello there, lovely people!

The past days have blurred together into one big cliche [fraction] of my summer, especially with all the afternoon siestas I’ve been taking regularly. I swear, it’s only half because of laziness; the other half is just the plain, unbearable heat of this streak of El Niño. I had plans on how I would spend my midyear especially since I won’t be enrolling for the midyear (summer) classes but it’s already hard to drag your ass out of bed when it’s just too hot to move my limbs.

But I’ve been out and about, mind you! For a day at a time, I’ve managed to go to and from QC, and even to my beloved high school alma mater. This week was a productive one, all thanks to the people who made it extra wonderful. *pray emoji* A little divergence from my usual At this Point, here is my week in bullets:

  • Monday was spent in Diliman, walking to and fro between buildings that are usually a short jeep ride away. (That’s the thing about being a student in Diliman; sometimes the jeepney ride will only take you farther than closer, will make you late instead of early, will bring you in circles and end up dropping you off far from your destination–yep, #hugot)
  • Tuesday was my rest day. Every time I go to QC on a non-school day, it leaves me exhausted to the bones. I don’t know if it’s all the transactions, or the general stress of being in the city.
  • On Wednesday, I went with my sisters to my high school alma mater, *spotlight* UP Rural High School for my youngest sister’s enrollment. She’s now a Grade 9 student–and unfortunately, the only child who got stuck with the [hasty] K-12 implementation in this country. We also went out on a small “squad date” and it was lovely ❤
  • Thursday–I was back in QC to finally file my shifting application. Also, I saw a glimpse of the first blooming sunflowers of the season! *confetti* If you don’t know, sunflowers season is a big thing in UP because they only plant it a month or so before the graduation day in April (now moved to July because ~acad shift~). Thursday was a great day.
  • Friday was the 117th anniversary of the ~Philippine  i n d e p e n d e n c e~ and I wrote it that way because I believe that those 117 years are just years spent being enslaved to a tyrant only a little different from the Spaniards.
  • I was in Manila for the whole Saturday, mainly because we had to pay for my new boarding house + our pre-celebration for Dad’s birthday. *heart*
  • Sunday = my old man’s birthday! I finally got to see the new house they were talking about and my decorating senses are tingling even until now. Haha!

So then, on to my At this Point:


Louise Glück’s Persephone the Wanderer. I’m not much into poetry but I reeeaaaally like words, and sometimes poetry gives a good word an otherworldly feel when it’s in between a stanza. And nope, I’m not yet done with the Vizzini book–I’ve been quite distracted and unproductive and yes these are all poor excuses. I am sorry.


Another entry about my nice Thursday and some ramblings about my student life. Oh, and I’m thinking about giving Camp NaNoWriMo another shot because even though April was kind of an epic fail, it doesn’t mean that I can’t try again until it’s November. But then, I’m kinda stuck because of writer’s block. Nothing good just comes out of my mind and my creative juice is all dried up this summer.


the sound of the electric fan…


Noooooothing 😦 😦 😦 because my nose is all clogged up 😦 😦 😦


my favorite lacy shorts hihihi


about the pizza downstairs…hmmm


inspiration! If you’re interested to be my inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact me pleeeaase *ugly sobbing*


hun g ry  y yy


that Quaker Oats drink that my mom started buying–I love the banana flavor ugggg


meh, foooooooood




for some lovin’ [eww]


recently, I’ve reconnected with my otaku roots and started watching Haikyuu!! It’s a sports anime about a bunch of guys playing volleyball while making ultra-romantic declarations in the court as teammates and I frickin’ love it

Yes, I like love anime 

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