At this Point (002)

This week was such a lovely week! I didn’t know what I did to deserve such a lovely week but I’m not the kind to question little quirky blessings so I’m just, “Yassss!” all the way. It wasn’t a perfect week; there were still little (and not-so little) bumps and errors but they seemed minimal and almost insignificant. I was seriously on a positive high the whole week!

Even the sudden intense summer heat did not dampen my good mood. Ha! I always woke up on the right side of the bed, happy enough to make the effort to tweet different versions of “good morning freshness” everyday.

So, right now:

The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. Since I started college, I’ve been strangely attracted to Asian literature and Asian authors. I don’t think it’s solely because of the Murakami fever these days, although I do admit that I’ve fallen in love with his works (haven’t finished them all, though). I think it’s partly because of my English 11 class last semester, and honestly I hope it’s also because I’m maturing as a reader.

(Also, hooray for a wider variety of books to read!)

Oxygen (and pollutants) aren’t the only things that compose the air I breathe in

I’m a blank canvas, a blank page, at the moment. Um.

The Voice PH’s final contestants–my parents are big fans, and by big, I mean huge fans

Let’s just say that I need a quick shower…

my hair on a braid because #BadHairDay

about my 18th! I’m turning 18 on the 4th, and I’ll be celebrating on the 7th weeeee

worried because I just realized that I have a lot of schoolwork for next week + hopeful that more of my highschool batchmates (and my few college friends!) could go to my party even though it’s almost mid semester which means busy college students

how I spent this day; it was humbling at some point, and eye-opening too

to go shopping for shoes (but of course, I don’t have money)

motivation to do schoolwork–and it’s almost impossible because there’s a reason why I don’t accomplish schoolwork at home (clue: it’s something about it being schoolwork while I’m at home)

Although the exams aren’t this week yet, I really need a head start because I don’t want to cram!!! I want to change my study habits and get a higher GPA, because contrary to what everyone says, I DO need a high GPA (because I’m shifting out of Arki so lol, go figure).

that I could go on an exchange student program! I really want to go out of the country not just for vacation.

As for this week’s highlights, aside from the unnatural positive vibes, there’s also:

  • Mass walkout of students in UP Diliman, in line with the protest for PNoy to step down from his office.

(My dad called me to make sure I was still inside the campus, and not on my way to Mendiola to join the protesters. I guess he knows me too well; I almost walked out to join them, only for the sake of supporting the courageous student activists although I don’t wholly share their views)

In front of the AS steps, a small number of student protesters assembled. At around noon, they paraded inside the Palma Hall and shouted and encouraged us to walkout of our classes and join the protest.
  • my role model, Lee Chaerin a.k.a CL of 2NE1, turned 24!
She’s the reason why I don’t get frustrated about my super massive thighs, the reason why I don’t get insecure as often as before, the reason why I think I’m a stronger girl–hopefully a real lady soon. Saeng il chukhahae, eonni!
  • I STARTED WORKING OUT AGAIN! My friend and I are determined to regularly work out again because a lot of our friends are working out and we don’t want to be left behind…
I can do this! Road to fitness and healthy living! Screw the “fit-body-is-the-new-beautiful” craze–I’m doing this for myself!

Although, food can reaaaally be a bit of a temptation. I mean–


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