At this Point (001)

Since my blog is still in its budding stage, I still have a lot of things to fix and think about like the permanent/regular kind of posts, post categories, and a lot more. I really don’t want to half-ass my blog this time around, so I’ve been working on ways to push and motivate myself to update as much as I can regularly.

Although I want to blog about my life, I don’t want to make it seem like a diary of sorts but I also want to share bits and pieces of the awesome (and not-so awesome) things in my life. So I decided to just post “periodicals” like this–weekly (as regularly as I can) posts about how my week went, and the highlights that I would probably expand into a separate post.

I wasn’t so sure how to tackle this, though, so I kind of browsed through some of my favorite blogs, like Ate Krissy’s and Ate Bea’s (I’m not so sure if I should call them “Ate” though?? I mean, I don’t want to just call them by their names because they don’t even know me and they’re just these big “seniors” as women lol). I decided to use their Currently volumes as a sort of guide and branch out from there.

I took the liberty to put up my own version (read: use my own title/tag/heading), which is At this Point.

So. Onto my first At this Point post, then!

Bas de Gaay Fortman’s “Poverty as a Failure of Entitlement: Do Rights-Based Approaches Make Sense?” in L. Williams (ed.), International Poverty Law: An Emerging Discourse and Ha Joon Chang’s “How Did Rich Countries Really Become Rich?” in Kicking Away the Ladder: development strategy in historical perspective.

As you can probably guess, they’re academic reads and they’re for my Socio10 class (and I haven’t even started yet). Reading academic journals and articles has always been a struggle for me because they’re my one-way ticket to hours of Snooze-fest. And I usually end up with a novel in my hand just to “kick the enthusiasm into my system”, which promptly leads to an unread class reading. Although, I gotta say that my readings for this particular class are very interesting (or is this me being more interested in class? Haha!)

Still on the wraps–I’m still deciding whether I should write a review of Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig (a Dulaang UP play that I watched recently) or The Girl Who Played Go (the book I read when classes were cancelled for the Chinese New Year celebrations).

(I’m also thinking whether I will spend some time to rant my frustrations about Jupiter Ascending. We’ll see)

my iTunes library on shuffle (and I gathered that I used to have a very indecisive taste in music)

My mom’s peach-and-something-else lotion that she refuses to share to me

old school shirt × old distressed shorts × MY NEW MOP OF SUPER DRY AND DAMAGED BUT GETTING-TO-BLONDE HAIR

(It looks weird because of the lighting but it’s a bright brassy blonde)

of NAM TAEHYUN (my baby how I miss him!), of how I will tackle my Arch105 homework, how I will avoid spending so much next week, and my 18th!

A bit restless. I haven’t accomplished anything during the weekend and Monday is my last chance to avoid pulling an all-nighter in the middle of the week to finish school work

the books I hauled from the pop-up bookstore setup in between AS and CAL in my uni

for inspiration (and diligence) to strike me–please strike me now!

a new pair shoes! My old pair of Converse are already worn out from walking around the campus in between my classes (all the time! because I rarely indulge myself jeepney rides because #healthyliving), and I probably should invest on a nice pair of shoes that aren’t sneakers 😦

I have money to buy concert tickets for Katy Perry’s and Epik High’s tours, and to fly to Korea for my Kpop-fangirl-pilgrimage

As an addition, I will also list down this week’s highlights:

  • Bilanggo ng Pag-ibig, the heartbreakingly beautiful final offering of Dulaang UP for their 39th season
Valentine’s Day well-spent! I’m sure it was a much more intellectual and culturally substantial show (and damn hotter!) than the glorified Fifty Shades of Grey. *insert smug-side-eye emoji here*
  • My friend promised to give me a cactus, because I’ve been raving on and on about wanting a cactus to “pour all the love I have into” and here he is!
Meet Pablo IV, my new baby! (Excuse my poor angle; I took this photo while I was on the bus on my way home lol)


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